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It’s the personal assistant you don’t yet have. Quivee organizes your job search so you can focus on getting hired.


Quivee allows you to easily search, save and keep track of the jobs that interest you. It will even give you directions.


How it works


Search any job search engine, or get inspired with a selection of the most popular sites. Just tell Quivee what you're looking for to search multiple sites at a time.



Once you find a job that interests you copy and paste the link into your dashboard. Quivee will note down all the important information for you and save it to your list.



Stay ahead of the competition by tracking the jobs you’ve applied for, had a response from and still require action.


Additional features

Arrive in style

Works with Google Maps to get you to your interview on time.

It just works

Quivee will recognize links from any job search engine.

Stay organized

Add notes and keep track of all the important details.


Use Quivee anywhere

Access Quivee through a browser on all of your favorite devices.


Quivee Plugin

Add to Quivee

Drag our plugin to your bookmarks bar. When you like a job, click the button and we'll add it to your Quivee!